London Docklands

Yesterday we all woke up way too early for half term, to catch a boat and go visit the London Museum Of The Docklands. These are some of the pictures that I took. They’re not in any particular chronological order – because they all got jumbled up on my computer and I didn’t want to figure it all out (: I’ll try to make sense of it all though.

So as I was saying, we went there by boat, because there was no bus or train that went directly to the Docklands. The system was kind of like all the other forms of transport, meaning that there were stations and you had to get in through ticket or oyster card. Since we were on there for 55 minutes, you can imagine that we passed quite a few of the famous London buildings. We absolutely looked like French or Dutch tourists, especially me with my camera – taking pictures of every nice building we pass. You’ll see quite a few pictures of Clara’s incredible art pieces, but don’t mind those if you don’t want to. Also – it was a very misty morning, and day in general, so a lot of the ‘infrastructure pictures’ will be messed up by a bunch of lazy clouds.


This is a very accurate representation of the boat that we took. As you can see, Clara is one of the only two people on the boat. That makes a lot of sense. Well done Clara.


Doesn’t this picture look like there’s a fire in the middle of the houses of parliament ? Or is it just some extremely lazy cloud that has just dropped to the lowest point it could ?








The artist at work… Here she is titling the piece that will soon be sold for 5 million pounds to a portuguese millionaire.

When the boat had reached Canary Warf – where we got off – we were staaarvinnggg. We hadn’t eaten anything yet that morning, and so our task was to find a place to frekkin eat something. We were pretty sad because we had found a really fancy looking restaurant, that served breakfast, but whilst looking at the menu inside, our server came up to us and said that there wouldn’t be any food until 10am. Why ? Because their gas decided to cut off. I’ll still show the pictures, however, because it really did look amazing.





So yes, that wasn’t a success. We continued our search and found this really cool looking  place called ‘The Merchant’. For the breakfast menu, they basically had the same exact things on there as that fancy place, just named differently.  (Maxime and) I got a Full English breakfast, which I hadn’t had in a very long time actually. The only thing I remember being in that dish were baked beans, which was enough knowledge to order it. Clara got some avocado toast, which Maxime happily stole some from. Quite a lot but pssttt I didn’t see anything. And then there are also some pictures of Maxime obsessing over his knife. He calmed down after eating his food – don’t worry.





I was kind of confused by the first poster, because it has the devil’s star thing on the hand, an eye at the bottom, a yes/no thingie, and then there is a love heart on the right. Even if it says ‘Madame Solitaire‘ – wha huuuuh ?



I don’t know where all of Maxime’s energy came from – but yeah he just wanted to do a shoot with his knife, ‘pretending that he was a psychopath’. So, there you go then.

It was then time to get to the museum. The mist had kind of faded away, but still – the clouds hadn’t woken up yet. I really liked the area where all the restaurants  and museum was, because everything was really old style, as well as the decor outside. Well, they’re not really decor, they’re more like actual cranes that were used in the past WHATEVER.






We expected it to be a very interactive museum (our mum said it would be), which my siblings and I prefer over a normal one, so when it wasn’t – we made up or own activities. Such as filming a little robbery skit in the realistically made village inside the museum. Yes, and it was a very serious thing. But of course we did look around at some plaques that looked nice or whatever (:

So I want to start of saying that the lifts’ sides were incredibly weak. You could move the doors by just tapping on them. How horrible. How disappointing. How bad… Oh yes and, in this picture, WHERE IS MY DAD’S REFLECTION. You can literally see him holding his phone in the bottom left, but he’s not in either of the two mirrors. He’s a vampire. I knew it.


Little story about this fake guy. Underneath this ‘wheel’, there is like this reconstruction of a small port village. So, I was walking through that, and then when I was observing the walls and ceiling, this creepy dude was right above my head. I literally jumped and went to tell Clara straight away. Just look at his face ! It looks like a dead person’s !



So this is the village where that creepy man was standing in the wood of the ceiling.

At one point during the visit, we found this closable door that led to a reconstructed bunker. Of course, we went in and closed the door because we didn’t want people to find it. Quite surprisingly, most people walked by the door because they thought it was another random door against the wall. (there were actually a lot of these random doors around the museum) And if people came in, they left soon because we literally wouldn’t leave, and make it look like that was our crib or something. Some even walked inside and looked embarrassed, as if they walked into someone else’s house on accident.






My favourite part of the museum was this sailor’s town. It looked so realistic, and we stayed here for a while because we decided to make a skit and do some roleplaying. The concept of our skit was that there were some thieves, that stole something from ‘The Three Mariners’. Then, I would sit at one of the tables inside (you could frekkin do that !), notice it, and run after them. Then there is a whole running sequence and situation afterwards, but it would only make sense if you saw the video. It was kind of hard at the start though, because there were loads of visitors at that specific time, but it got better over the course of time we were there.