Le Cirque Alexandre Landri

Today we went to visit our family friends that we’ve known for a very long time. They are the Landri family that run Le Cirque Alexandre Landri in France. It’s always very ‘natural’ to walk around in a circus environment since we have been around and in the circus tent so many times before. This time they had also added new animals such as a tiger, lion, and the CUTEST monkeys that we basically spent all our time with. We also got to stay for the daily performance, or course. 

Before we arrived there tho, we had a 3 HOUR CAR RIDE in the early morning so we weren’t in the best moods. I mostly listened to my Spotify playlist because the new Disney Descendants 2 movie just released and I am IN LOVE with each and everyone of the songs. My favourites would be ‘What’s my name’ and ‘It’s going down’.

When we finally parked our car next to the area where the Landris were staying, we went to talk with them a bit and had lunch there.


Afterwards me and my siblings went our separate ways, as there was A LOT to look at and do, as there is every year when we visit them. Maxime went to play with his Diabolo, Clara went to see the horses and I went to the monkeys. The mother monkey, called Lopen, and I literally became the best of friends by the end of the day.

In the evening there was the show of course but because I took quite a lot of pictures I’m just going to put all of them on :








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